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We provide payroll services, so your people are paid on time


At Jibe Accounting, we strive to take the stress out of payroll. Why struggle to crunch numbers, write cheques, navigate payment when our team of professional tax accountants can handle your payroll service for you? We have the expertise and organization to ensure that your payroll gets completed properly and accurately


At Jibe Accounting, located in Calgary, we will set-up your small business' payroll so that your employees receive their payment by direct deposit. This will ensure timely deposits are made on pay day and keep your employees happy. We are Chartered Accountants in Calgary and want to do our part so you can focus on growing your small business.


Our payroll service team focuses on ensuring that your small business team is getting paid properly. Regardless if your team is being paid a salary or by the hour, our payroll service team will ensure they are properly paid. Our payroll service team also takes into account overtime, bonuses and allowances.

Payroll Services

Outsource your payroll services to Jibe Accounting in Calgary.

Outsourced payroll services make everything easy and hassle-free — from time entry and check processing to filing taxes. Our payroll services exist within a secure environment and allow you to utilize paperless processes, encrypted data, and storage functionality without large capital investments. Eliminating the need to maintain payroll proficiency within your employee base allows you to focus talent on growing your business. No more paperwork, no more data entry, no more researching updates on new laws or worrying about making a mistake. We have you covered.

With Jibe Accounting, processing your weekly, bi weekly or monthly payroll can painlessly be processed much easier and at a much lower cost; through printing payslips and paychecks from the comfort of your office.

We will handle the complicated and redundant data entry and calculations and take much of the administrative headache away.

Paying too much penalties and interest charges due to non-compliance? Late or inaccurate tax filings? inaccurate government remittances? Paying late fees as remitting government source deduction penalties?

At Jibe Accounting, CRA remittances are completed automatically and electronically; ensuring your government taxes are remitted right on time, every time.

Committed to Small Businesses

Jibe Accounting is a full payroll service provider in Calgary. Jibe Accounting offers complete and effective solutions to all your payroll service’s needs. Jibe Accounting is the only payroll service provider that is geared to cater exclusively to small business needs. At Jibe Accounting, we use the latest technologies available in order provide small business owners the one thing they are yearning for; peace of mind.

Our payroll services are designed to meet each client’s needs. So whether you have as little as one employee, or above 100 employees. Jibe Accounting, located in Calgary will take care of your small business’ payroll needs hassle-free.

We process payment using direct deposit so your payroll process is smooth, on time and accurate.


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