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We provide incorporation services, so your business is properly set up


We are small business tax accountants. We want you to focus on your business. We will handle all required paper work and communication to get your small business incorporated. The incorporation process can be time consuming and complicated, we will ensure your small business incorporation is completed properly and in a timely manner.


CRA requires each corporation has a minute book, not all accountants in Calgary and not all registries provide this service. Jibe Accounting will provide you with a complete and updated minute book which will include your share certificate, share registry, director's minutes and resolutions etc.


After incorporation, your business needs to be properly set-up with CRA. At Jibe Accounting, we take incorporation services an additional set-up and ensure that all of your business numbers, payroll numbers and GST numbers are set-up. We are a full service accounting company in Calgary, we want to ensure that you are focusing on growing your small business.


At Jibe Accounting, we strive to take the stress out of incorporating. Why struggle to navigate all those confusing forms and rules when our team can handle your incorporation for you? We have the knowledge it takes to ensure that your incorporation is completed properly and in accordance with Alberta and Federal laws.


Have a team of professional tax accountant's in Calgary assess if your small business should be incorporated federally or provincially. As your tax accountant in Calgary, we consider the scenarios and situations and select the best course of action for you and your business.


We are Chartered Accountant's that focus on how your business should be incorporated. We consider all scenarios and select the best business structure for your small business. We take into account the long-term and short-term goals and consider tax planning techniques that will lower your tax burden.

Incorporation Services

Incorporation is the legal process whereby a newly formed business entity is legally created in order to protect the owners of a business from legal liability. The incorporation process is governed by either the federal or provincial laws under which the corporation was established. Therefore, it is fundamental to employ someone familiar with the incorporation laws and regulations of your jurisdiction and the governing body that regulates your profession. There are a number of steps that one must take in order to incorporate their business; at Jibe Accounting located in Calgary, we make this process simple for you by walking you through this and providing guidance on requirements that you must be aware of to move your small business forward.

The main differences between incorporating a business Canada-wide compared to a provincial level is name selection and protection, business reach, annual filings, and cost.

There are several advantages to incorporating your business. Using your personal identity to get a business started can be common, but as time goes on and your business starts to grow, it is not a good long-term strategy. If your company should encounter legal problems or have liabilities such as those owed to creditors, you will be personally exposed to the debts that the business may have accrued. Incorporating can help shield your family’s personal assets from being exposed to such liabilities.

Once a company is incorporated, the business will become subject to lower corporate income tax rates. Corporations are typically subject to more favourable tax rates as compared with the individual tax rate. Lower tax rates and tax planning techniques result in more money being available to help grow your small business. Furthermore, corporations often also allow for income splitting between family members which can also result in further tax savings in comparison to operating a business as a sole-proprietorship. Income splitting is done using family members such as spouses, parents and children; by utilizing family members in lower tax brackets, you may be able to bring down your families overall tax burden by income splitting using a corporation.

Professional Corporations

In certain cases, some professional bodies will allow their members to register their business through a corporation and establish what is known as a “Professional Corporation”. A professional corporation is similar to that of a regular corporation, except for the fact that it is restricted to only providing certain specific types of professional services, as outlined per the governing body that the profession in regulated by. Specifically, the following professions are allowed to establish a professional corporation: Accountants, Dentists, Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Chiropractors etc.

While establishing a professional corporation may have many advantages, they can get rather complicated to setup and thus one should seek professional advice in doing so. We are Chartered Accountant’s located in Calgary and are happy to provide Professional Corporation’s incorporation advice and support services.

If you are looking to incorporate your business, contact Jibe Accounting in Calgary. We look forward to guiding you through this process and putting your small business on the path to success. Learn about our litigation support service.


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